Decentalized black jack

Would be possible to make on NEO with oracle help an decentralized blackjack room where players can switch each round dealer position :slight_smile:

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Dean van Dugteren shared with me some of the complexities of operating a Neo Poker platform. The server/host will almost certainly need to be outside the US.

All said, Iā€™d love to figure out a way to do a decentralized, Neo-based card game platform.

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Poker is game of skill , we all love this kind of games

Random number generation (and ensuring its trustworthy) are probably the biggest technical hurdles.
Oracles are a good solution to this, but introduce a trust issue. You could also use some header information of the transaction (block timestamp ā†’ function ā†’ pseudorandom number). This works well within the confines of someone being able to predict results of the function.

@Dylan host on-chain

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