Example: Automated Market Maker

Use this topic to discuss the AMM contract example found here.

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Can COZ build an AMM that will allow projects to propose their own LPs?

For example, users create a GUARD-NEO or GUARD-GAS pool, and contribute their own liquidity.

This way the gatekeeping element of getting tokens listed by centralized authorities can be bypassed.

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We could or someone else in the community could… :wink:

Hi Dylan!
So, the example covers the swap of a single pair and doesn’t include a protocol fee. However, it would be quite simple for someone to adjust it. The next challenge would be to convince liquidity providers to deposit funds into these pools and get a reward.
I think COZ should have its own ‘DEX’, which would be very good for flaming users since it would provide good arbitrage opportunities (if everything is on the same chain, it would be fairly easy to detect and take advantage of price differences).

I hope COZ releases a project like that when Neo 3 is ready!

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