FLM claim history

Hello, I’m developing MyMingo.finance and are now working on showing users their claim history.
This is a weird process since Flamingo doesn’t send you the FLM when you claim, so there is never a transaction to your wallet (from what I can see).

But this address has all the transactions, and if I crawl them and search the transactions I can decrypt the script and find the initial wallet that did the claim.

I want to make a database around it, and when I tested to get transactions from this wallet over the Dora API it takes 60 - 90 sec to get one page (don’t know why. All other wallets work fine). I’m in the process of setting up my full node to see if I can get the data there, and I’m writing here to see if anyone has a better solution?

Here is the address:

Here is a link to Dora API call:

Thank you COZ for making such nice forum!

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This address has around 260k transactions which makes the query kind of expensive. The result it is already paginated so maybe the paging mechanism needs to be reviewed. Since backend service is not (or is it?) open source let’s wait for coz reply.

You might want to try neotube as well.

If you setup your own node you can easy write a plugin with custom rpc endpoints / custom storage. Or write directly to a database and have fun with all the data. You would need your own api as well for the website. Will be much more easier for N3.

It all depends on your project scope. Own node, api and database is maybe overkill especially if you want to support N2 and upcoming N3. Nodes and database take much disk space as well.
On the other hand you will be able to deliver the best possible results with own setup imo.

Yeah, its the FLM Mint contract, and yes its paginated but still there is a issue there. Are currently seting up a fullnode so i can get the transactions from there :slight_smile:

We need all the N2 data and ofc we will run a own node for N3.
Luckly diskspace is not a issue :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot for your insigth Kokahunter, and thanks for taking time to help me :slight_smile: