hackathon questions

I have an idea (or two) for the hackathon but i need some answers before going forward. This is coming from an ETH #cryptoart background.

  • Are there any sites like Rarible/OpenSea out there on NEO? Where anyone can mint anything.
  • How easy is it to query the blockchain? Get all the NFTs for an address/account and then get the images from the NEO online file system for those nfts?
  • How expensive is the online file system?
  • How does one link a website to a wallet? Like web3 + MetaMask?

Thanks in advance.

  1. There’s GhostMarket but it’s not 100% Neo, it also uses Phantasma Chain.

  2. It’s very easy to query the blockchain - there are numerous public RPC nodes you can query for free to interact with your smart contract’s storage: API Reference

  3. This is hard to answer, because we’re still only on TestNet and it’s unclear if the fee structure (which was set when the price of GAS was a lot lower) will remain the same after MainNet launch. For the hackathon it doesn’t really matter though, you can get all the TestNet GAS you need - there’s no real-world cost to use NeoFS before MainNet.

  4. The equivalent right now is dApi + NeoLine: https://www.neoline.io/dapi/N3.html Additionally, a WalletConnect prototype has been created, which is what my team used instead of dApi for the Flyby Hackathon: https://github.com/east-side-cryps/

Hey there!
Besides ghostmarket which only had partial neo2 support there were no « generic » nft marketplace on neo2 , mostly because neo2 was lacking a proper nft standard, which made tricky having a proper way to be consistent between projects. But this is changing with nep11 being final (although not Merged yet!).

Starting next week we at ghostmarket will have full nft support of all n3 nep11 compliant nft, that way projects during hackaton can use it to validate / browser their nft without having to deal with a proper nft explorer which is quite a bit of work to handle properly

Like Hal explained above, for now fees are quite high to mint, especially given that nep11 expect to have at least name (+ tokenURI) on chain which costs a bit given it was based on gas cost when gas was 5 times lower, but hopefully this will change before mainnet launch!