Hello to the Community!

Hi everyone, my name is Rob. Holder of NEO for quite some time now.

Some background- probably not similar to your traditional blockchain developer/ enthusiast.

I was a CPA with a Big 4 firm for a number of years, then went to business school, then went into Management Consulting/ Data/ Research in the Energy space for a few more years.

My interest lies in de-centralizing the Management Consulting industry, leveraging my experience and contacts to do so. I hope that some of you can join me on this journey.

I don’t want to say too much here, but I am working on a prototype for an app/website and maybe I’ll post that for the community once it’s ready.

In the meantime, since my background is more in Finance/ Economics/ Energy, I am picking up a lot of this coding stuff on the fly. Have some background in Python and R, but not too deep. Therefore, I’ll probably have a bunch of questions for you guys, so get ready.

Peace out and nice meeting you all,