Im not a developer....but,

I have always wanted to help people around the world. With Bitcoin and Blockchain, I think it will provide the tech to actually make changes to benefit the greater good.

My idea is basically taking the withlocals app:
and decentralizing it. Making it an ecosystem for travelers and locals to connect and provide each other mutual benefits. I have some interesting thoughts on how this could work but the basic concept is that there would be a reward system for participation from both guides and users (i.e. Posting reviews, referrals, guides scores, traveler scores, etc. etc.)

I am not a developer, so I would like to join forces with anyone that can make this work but if not, please do take this idea and make something to help people around the world. It may not be the most lucrative idea, but it might have a big impact on changing the lives of a lot of people around the world.

Lets go NEO! :slight_smile:


This sounds like a great idea!

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Sharing to relevant subreddits. Hope for the best.