Lets Throw some good ideas for neo hackathon

I would love to see a Defi with gaming elements,


Oh the possibilities… I’d like to see:

  • A new stablecoin protocol: algorithmic and crypto-collateral
  • A lending platform
  • A platform for proposing and voting on Neo improvement proposals
  • Decentralized liquidity pooling protocol that allows users to provide their own pools like Uniswap
  • Games: Poker, Blackjack, Drug Wars
  • Integration with Thorchain - layer one p2p cross-chain swaps
  • NFTs that are truly decentralized, storing data on NeoFS
  • Reddit toys: GAS bot, NEP-17 MOON tokens

There’s always more, but this is a good list to get the convo going.


some form of automated data backup (on neoFS to protect against ransomware data-takeovers