Neon-js with Dora API

Posting on behalf of game developers:

We are actively using neon-js library for our in-game wallet. Using neon we are creating transactions on a user’s behalf and send them to a network (mainnet/testnet).

However, neon-js itself relies on neoscan API for address balance stuff and other things we are not aware of. Now o3 wallet also doesn’t support tests and the only way to test our game on neo is to use our in-game wallet which fails due to neoscan. We are blocked by this.

I checked the dora api and it’s good, but neon-js is not ready for dora api. How we can overcome this? We really don’t want to create the whole wallet (sending and syncing) from scratch.

For instance we use neon-js as described in

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Are you able to connect to a neo cli RPC endpoint? The standard neo rpc endpoint now provides sufficient information and there is support for using it in neon-js.

I took a look at dora and it might still be missing some stuff to create transactions.

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It’s not in the documentation, but as snowy said, instead of

const provider = new api.neoscan.instance("TestNet");

you can use

const provider = new api.neoCli.instance("");

or any other public node (or your own node) as long as it is running the required plugins to get token/asset balances/UTXOs and GAS claim information (RpcNep5Tracker and RpcSystemAssetTracker).