NEON Wallet and NEO3 Voting

Hi there,

IS there any update about when this will be available ?
Seems like all the time that I am holding my N3 in NEON , I am just giving away GAS earned by voting.

You don’t have to wait for the next update of Neon to vote unless you are using a Ledger. Non-Ledger users can vote right now just by loading their Neon private key into the Neoline extension or O3 Desktop Wallet.

If you are using a Ledger, keep an eye on Persephone Milestone · GitHub for latest updates - it should be updated again later today with the progress made over the weekend.

“ loading their Neon private key into the Neoline extension”

can you explain in more detail ? so there’s a Neoline extension i must install onto the NEON Wallet ?

It doesn’t install into Neon wallet - Neoline is a browser extension wallet that lets you interact with dApps like the Neo governance app. Think of it like MetaMask for Neo.

Once it’s installed and you import your private key from Neon, you can vote by going to and hit the “Connect Wallet” button and choose Neoline.

Yes - I already knew that Neoline wallet is a browser extension. But, I misunderstood what you wrote…

So you are saying to use both “Neon wallet” and “Neoline wallet” at the same time ? With Neoline wallet - being used just for the voting ? Is that what you meant ? Or did you mean - move away from Neon Wallet and instead choose to use Neoline wallet ??

You can use both at the same time. Keep Neon of course, because you’ll be able to use it to vote in the near future. After that you’ll only have to use Neoline when you want to interact with a Neo dApp that doesn’t support WalletConnect.