Project idea -> providing analytics for use by all interested parties

I felt the need as I trade in NEO. My exact question was is it possible to know the geographical location of NEO holders/traders. This can be scaled up to where we build a feature for NEO that provides analytics to the public. It could be used by application developers, users, voters, or investors, anyone really. Information is King.

I lack the technical know-how to build such a project, but I was guided to this forum by Harry Pierson (definitely throwing his weight in here to maybe attract talent). He suggested this as an interesting project for the Hackathon, so we have a financial motive as well.

If you feel highly motivated & energized by this idea. Do follow your heart & reach out! Cheers x.

I don’t think it’s going to be possible to get the geographical location of traders unless you can partner with an exchange that would give you that kind of user data. I can’t imagine why they’d be willing to do that.

As far as holders, any wallet software could theoretically incorporate analytics but I think most users would find it to be a privacy violation so would likely not want to use the wallet after they found out that feature was incorporated.

I think the best case scenario would be getting analytics from a blockchain explorer or popular Neo website or dApp. That wouldn’t give you direct information about all holders/traders but would at least allow you to gauge relative interest/activity in the chain from various countries. Of course, a lot of crypto holders also use VPNs so the information would be skewed to some degree.