Python - How do external libraries are added to the smart-contract?

Hi everyone!
I’m a backend web developer (mostly java and scala experience) and I’m starting to learn about smart contract developing.
I’ve followed the coz.dojo tutorial about deploying your first smart-contract but I have some doubts about how do the boa compilation and the .nef file handle the use of external libraries (added by pip for example):
Is it possible to deploy a smart-contract that depends in external libraries?
It is necessary that those libraries are installed by a pip install or can I add some local libraries?

I’m struggling a bit with python and smart contract packaging so sorry if these questions are a bit simple.
Thanks in advance!

No, it’s not possible to use any libraries in a smart contract that aren’t provided by the neo3-boa framework itself since the contract is compiled to NeoVM bytecode, not interpreted at runtime like a regular Python script.

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oh I see It’s kinda sad to have this limitation, maybe in a future the framework will improve in that way.

Thanks a lot for your answer!