Shouldn't NEO NFT Metadata JSON Schema have a owner key?

I was reading NEP11 and found out that the properties of a token have the keys: name, description, image, and URI. I also noticed that there is a method ownerOf() that given a token_id it will return the owner, this implicates that the token has in the storage this information, so, considering how big of a deal the owner is to an NFT, shouldn’t it also be part of the properties?

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Sure, it seems like owner could be part of the properties.

In the original prototype for NEP-11, I envisioned that a flexible non-fungible token template would need both read-only properties and read-write properties and that they would be managed separately to prevent the contract owner from changing the critical properties of a token after it was sold. So the token owner wouldn’t be part of the read-only properties since it needs to be changed as the token is transferred.

But later revisions by NGD removed that split-properties concept and refactored the properties management, and not having the owner as part of the token properties object in the final standard was probably an oversight.

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