Some Issues Following Along (hello_world)

Hello, im a noob programmer and ran into some issues while following the hello_world tutorial.

  1. The command ‘neoxp run’ doesnt work. I had to use ‘neo-express run’
  2. import statement should include ‘put’ and ‘get’ in:
from import put

Otherwise the code wont work.

Just wanted to point these out for anyone trying to follow along! Hopefully the team fixes these.

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Okay now im stuck lol. Any help appreciated! Cant really move on from here.

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I know im talking to myself at this point but, i fixed the above issue by running the command:
neo-express create -f -p 10000

-f overwrote the existing Neo Express instance, and -p 10000 preloads the genesis block with the 10000 GAS.

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glad you figured it out on your own, this forum is great for getting in touch with the actual devs but the community isn’t quite big enough to get a fast response, it’s really niche.
But still good job figuring out what went wrong!


Thanks! I got faster help on the neo discord. Im sure this will take time to grow but I think its a great start.

Pretty much all the issues i was having was because i was using the wrong version of neo express lol. This is what i was told to do which resolved the issues:

"If you had neo-express installed before, you may need to run dotnet tool uninstall -g Neo.Express and then run dotnet tool install -g Neo.Express --version 2.0.21-preview"


Charlie, I had the same issue you did as well.

Thanks for posting the work-around you developed!

I think the tutorial has some other areas that could be clarified. Once I get through everything, I’ll probably post a list here of areas that can be improved.

Thanks again!


On this step within the introductory tutorial:

"## Compiling

We need to transpile our python code to NeoVM readable byte code. Fortunately, boa also supports this functionality. + On the terminal, activate the Python Virtual Environment where you installed neo3-boa. Then simply run the command:

$ neo3-boa path/to/your/

When I run this command in my Python terminal, I get this error message:

"FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\Users\\path\\to\\your\\'"

Anyone know why? Am I correct to run the command within Python, or should the command be run within the DOS terminal? It's confusing.

Thanks in advance,
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Well, I would asume you get the error because you are entering the command with


instead of the real path to your file

The location of your .py file is required.

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