Spunky dependency

Hey @coz

In my spare time, I started to work on an alternative to NeoLine.

I’ve been looking at the Neon-wallet code for “inspiration”. I noticed, it relies heavilly on this dependency.

It hasn’t been updated in 3+ years - so I’m a bit skeptical to use it in new projects.
I also noticed this issue: Remove Spunky · Issue #1961 · CityOfZion/neon-wallet · GitHub

I was wondering if you guys found any maintained “alternative” to spunky.


Edit: I should mention the reason for this question.
I’m trying to reuse code from “neon-wallet” as much as possible. ;).

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:wave: @Irshad it is true that neon-wallet uses spunky as a wrapper around redux for state management… There are active plans to completely remove the library in the future and I do not recommend using it.

An alternative and extremely popular state management solution for React apps that I recommend is GitHub - reduxjs/redux-thunk: Thunk middleware for Redux however it will require you to write actions and reducers separately (a problem that spunky was attempting to solve) you can see examples of how we use redux thunk in dora


Thanks for the reply @comountainclimber.

You guys have done an amazing work on neon-wallet. Beautifully organized code :slight_smile: Took me very little time to understand the code :smiley:

Yep, was trying to avoid it. :laughing:

Since chrome extensions can be written in react, was thinking of using the code as is as much as I can as a starting point :wink: That’s when I came across the spunky dependency.

I’ll go ahead with your suggestion. I’ve used react-thunk before, - will checkout the Dora code as well.

Thank you.