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Here’s an idea … you smart guys at COZ can work out how best to implement…

It is about- payments. Obviously those of us already excited about NEO already understand the difference between NEO and GAS. And that NEO is whole-units only, where as GAS is divisible. So the obvious way to pay for something is by GAS, not by NEO… But also NEO and GAS share the same blockchain and addresses.

What came out recently - from the well meaning folks a NOW payments - is this … pay-by-crypto-into shopify… What cryptocurrencies are supported for payments? | NOWPayments

So about “paying with NEO” - the obvious solution is … just receive back your change in GAS… into the same address… Can that be done ?

It effectively would make NEO as good as “divisible” ? Comments welcome…

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This is a really interesting concept! The general approach the ecosystem has taken is to wrap NEO in something divisible.


You should create a team to work on this project. It sounds pretty cool! :slight_smile:

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Yeah I have seen that written but do not really understand it fully… I obviously need to read more about what that wrapping means and how it works. Could you please explain in a few sentence - at a basic level ?

An example would be a NEP-5/17 smart contract with a divisible token (lets call it dNEO).

  • When the smart contract receives NEO, it will mint a dNEO to the user who sent the token to it.
  • When the smart contract receives dNEO, it will burn the dNEO and send NEO to the user who sent the dNEO

The wrapped dNEO token can be used in a divisible way and can be exchanged to whole NEO at any time. You could even introduce voting features using fractional neo etc…