What actually is mamba?

Wondering what mamba actually does?
Looked at the CoZ website but that did not help.
So hoping some candidly explain what its use actually is?

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Is this the mamba you are referring to? GitHub - CityOfZion/neo-mamba: Python SDK for the NEO3 blockchain
I’m not really a python-dev. By the looks of it, it is python-SDK for Neo Blockchain.

It is a library for python developers to develop “applications” on Neo blockchain.

(Ex: neon-wallet is written in javascript. It uses neon-js Javascript SDK)

yes that is the Mamba I mean, just not a dev or anything like most people here just like Neo lottts :grin:
and so was wondering what mambas purpose actually was, think I kinda get it now though

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Hey @Neo3000 ,
Mamba is a python SDK for Neo that allows developers to interface with the Neo blockchain using the most widely known programming language on earth. It also supports features that allow you to build a project directly on top of a pseudo full-node. In addition to this functionality, mamba is also bundled with another COZ project called blink that is an N3 compatible NeoVM that performs 20+ times faster than the core implementation and supports multiple language interfaces. If you’re familiar with Neo Legacy, its the spiritual successor to the neo-python project.